A unique arts and crafts shop in Oban

What will you discover? Browse the online shop or drop by to find a selection of unique crafts brought to you by local, talented creators.

A little shop with big ambitions

Made in Argyll is more than an arts and crafts shop. It’s an assembly of some of the area’s greatest creators, passionate about bringing you a selection of handcrafted products, made with love.

‚ÄčIf you’ve had the pleasure of exploring the stunning scenes of Scotland’s Argyll, you’ll have seen first-hand where the artisans gather the inspiration for their beautiful creations. From artwork to jewellery, knitwear to ornamental pieces, the shop has something for every preference and every pocket. Take your pick today and take a piece of our home with you wherever you may roam.

What will you find?

Before you shop with Made in Argyll, either online or at the store in Oban, learn more about our history and the creators that have put their heart and soul into the products you see before you. If you’d like more information about a specific item or the individual who made it, simply get in touch. You can expect to receive that old fashioned personal service and a product list that leaves you spoilt for choice!

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