A M Creations

    By Ada Daly

I have been crafting since I was very little.  Helping my mother on her sewing machine, watching her knit, crochet and embroider the most intricate and delicate lace tablecloths and sew up beautiful clothing.  Since then I have always made my children’s own clothes, as well as my home furnishings

After working for many years with an International craft company, with over 10,000 products, it was there that I realized how much I loved crafting and making, especially working with colour, blending them together, and producing something beautiful, whether it was with fabrics, wool, or paper and card, paints or any other medium.   The brighter the better, and of course, one always needs to add a touch of glitter and bling as a finishing touch!    


Now that I am retired, I enjoy a variety of crafts, but I get the greatest satisfaction from using recycled fabrics, wool, beads and more, obtained from local charity shops. There appears to be so much available from these sources which can be reused, recycled and repurposed. There is so much waste in in this world and I'd like to think that I may just be helping reduce waste in my own small way.

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Crochet Bag Ada Daly