Handknitted Socks 

with attitude       by Joy

I’ve always been fascinated by textiles and how a piece of fabric can be transformed into an apron or yarn into a cosy jumper. Many people would love  to be a bit more adventurous with their clothing than they are, socks are the perfect way  to express yourself without needing to call attention to them if you’re a little shy.
Having always been a knitter I was delighted when, a number of years ago, my Aunty Anne showed me how to “turn a heel” and I was hooked.
Socks with stripes, socks with bells on, socks with hearts on or jester cuffs, I knit them all...as well as some plainer ones. A wool and acrylic mix means they keep their shape extremely well and are warm in winter and cool in summer.

We don't discriminate by gender, they are for everyone so we give size guides for men and women for each pair. I love the fact theat they are now being worn in countries across the world and am delighted to have them showcased at Made in Argyll.

Happy to take enquiries and undertake commissions.