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“I’ve always loved jewellery but couldn’t always find exactly what I wanted in the size or colour I wanted. For this reason, I started making jewellery and quickly became excited to learn all the different techniques. I’ve began to dabble in lots of different areas of jewellery making, my latest venture being cement jewellery. My poor friends and family have been the recipients of some pretty dodgy looking jewellery at the beginning of my jewellery making journey too! But I hope the selection you’ll find at Made in Argyll will surpass your expectations.

If I had to say which form of jewellery making I like best, it would be wire working, but that may change. I love designing unique pieces of jewellery which you won’t find in the shops. Lots of my pieces are unique and I do enjoy making one-off designs. It gives me a great sense of achievement when a customer likes my jewellery. My need to bead is still very much in evidence, I even take my tools and jewellery findings on holiday! The Made in Argyll shop has provided not only a venue for displaying and selling my work, but some lovely, very talented new friends in my fellow crafters who have amazing artistry and talent. We have received so many lovely comments from customers and this has been very encouraging – I can’t wait to add you to my customer list soon!”

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